Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Religious Houses of Ardagh

From Fr. Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy:

Ardagh in the barony to which it gives its name Canons Regular St. Mel was bishop of Ardagh. See diocese of.

Archdall almost invariably calls the friars of St. Augustine canons regular though no such order existed in Ireland until they were introduced by St. Malachy and Imar, they were then called canons of St. Augustine or secular canons as St. Augustine drew up no particular rule for men.

St. Melchuo said to be the brother of St. Mel succeeded as abbot and bishop. See diocese of.

AD 741 died the abbot Beochuil.

Franciscan friary not known when it was founded Reformed by friars of the strict observance in the year 1521

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